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    Do you offer wholesale international shipping?

    Yes, we do! Whereas we currently only ship to the US on regular orders, we love partnering via wholesale with anyone, anywhere.

    Are these socks unisex?


    …We know, that’s a short answer, but there’s not much more to say. They fit both women’s and men’s sizes.

    What are these bad boys made out of, and what size are they?

    Size: 7-13

    Composition: 80% cotton, 17% polyester, 3% elastane

    Unisex fit.

    Made to be worn with casual and formal attire.

    Our special blend allows for a soft material, with an extra-padded sole for comfort and durability, and a size that can fit a wider range of feet than most socks, from smaller feet (or female sizes) to larger (~13 max) without stretching of the material or design.
    The elastane allows for this nice stretch, for a good one-size-fits-most fit.
    The socks are a shorter crew length, that sit just below the calf, to allow for a casual look if worn with shorts, but are still long enough to wear under pants without falling down below the pant leg.

    Why do custom designs through us, and what services do we offer?

    As a sock-specific company, we know what does and does not work design-wise on a sock, and use that knowledge to help you. Whereas other companies may throw your design on a sock and produce it no matter how it looks, or offer small services here or there, we will give you our full attention and make as many edits as needed for you.

    We utilize our team of designers to help you with your custom design to make sure you are as satisfied with the end result as possible!

    Also, we are truly proud of our quality and the make of our socks, and can guarantee your satisfaction.

    Lastly, our turnaround time is very quick, and we work hard to make sure you are not waiting for your custom socks!

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